From Now Till Forever

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to the Basics

Sugar Tush Bloomers

This is our promise: We will always strive to make clothes that your child will want to wear while being something that you can afford to dress them in.

Jilly B's is the collaberation of two sisters, we started out trying to dress our young kids in the newest looks for less and are now ready to offer these creations to you and your little ones.  Neither Jilly nor B (not to keep it too generic) have ever spent time on their own clothes but with the birth of daughters both have realized it is much more fun to buy fabric and create when an entire outfit can be made out of a yard and a half of fabric as opposed to yards of fabric per outfit :)...

This is all about getting back to the basics, the basics of happy mornings when your child has stylish staples in their closet that will you will be happy to let them choose without your help.  We are a good mix of vintage and fun...

Please join us in this new venture, we are always looking for custom requests along with orders. Nothing is out of the question, we just need you to ask. We have changed "our" stlyes so many times over the years that it is only fair we give our children the oppurtunity to do the same, today funky, tomorrow vintage.

From now til forever
Jilly B's